Monday, 1 August 2016

Milk + Blush hair extensions

I get bored with my hair pretty easy and fast so I like to change it up and I decided this time that I wanted ombre and and long hair so I knew hair extensions where going to be a must. I hate trying to find hair extensions cause I know they are either going to be ridiculously expensive or tacky and bad quality and call me greedy but I wanted a good price and good quality so I decided to look around. The normal place I buy them is just a local beauty shop near me and they are good but they are never thick enough for my hair and don't last long no matter how I look after them so I decided this time I wasn't going to get them from there. After a few days of looking around reading reviews  I decided to order these lovely ones from milk and blush. When they come I was so excited I had my hair dye ready to match my hair to the extensions. When opening them up I thought the box they come in was so pretty and was perfect to store them in and keep them safe which was ideal as I was looking for ways to store them safely. Once I opened them up there was two compartments one which was the main part and was sealed with a security sticker and another with just one piece in to see if the color matched your hair, I thought this was a really nice idea as I like the fact you could test them with out causing any damage to the rest of the hair and then just send it back if they didn't match. There was many different colours sets and lengths I got the full head hair extensions classic set in the color Bel air baby with the length being 20-22 inch and I love them.

 they are so soft and shiny but not shiny as in fake but healthy they are super thick and are perfect for my naturally thick I don't find there is much hair lost when brushing threw them plus they are easy to apply and the clips are secure. You can tell they are good quality and was only £110 which I think is excellent for the thickness, quality, and length. From what I have experience up to yet I will definitely be purchasing hair extensions from here again.

I also brought the loop hair extension brush from there at £5.50 and I love this it doesn't tug at the extensions like a normal brush does and keeps them healthy longer.

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