Friday, 19 February 2016

Bye bye stressed, hello refreshed.

Have you ever had one of those weeks or months that has mentally and physically drained you? You need a break just one day to refresh yourself so you can come back full of energy instead of full of stress. Even if you can’t get one full day as you’re too busy an hour or two set aside for yourself will make you feel much better. I feel no matter how busy you are it’s always important to set aside a couple of hours, or a day if you can, for yourself just to make you feel refreshed and ready for the days ahead. So today I’m going to tell you the top 5 things I do for me that help me feel refreshed, and hopefully this will give you some ideas or just inspire you to take some time out for yourself.
Take a bath
A bath is something that I’ve always enjoyed since being a little kid I can literally spend hours in the bath, just taking that time away from everyone else just to be on myself, to pamper myself, and to wash my worries and stress away. A bath is a very relaxing thing for me and this is why I think it is a very good thing to do after a stressful week or so, just to relax your body and mind, just to get away from the world and just to spend time with you in a nice relaxed place.You can even take it up a notch just to make it more enjoyable for you. Light some Candles and romance yourself, there’s nothing wrong with a little romance even if it’s coming from yourself to yourself, in fact that the best kind. Also try bath bombs I don’t know what it is about bath bombs but they just make the bath feel so much better and make it look better. Another thing you could try is a face masks, pampering yourself is an amazing thing to do to make you feel more refreshed and I’m sure that we all deserve it. Also with face masks you can get a little bit creative with making your own, there are plenty of a recipes out there for all different skin types so that you can cater it to your skin type, I always say diy face mask are the way to go.
Get in touch with your inner …
Most of us have that thing that we like to do, a hobby, but when we get held up in work and life in general we seem to forget about these hobbies and they get it pushed aside. Finding time to do things that I like and enjoy always makes me feel better like I’m getting the little pleasures out of life, I’m making me happy. So whether it is getting in touch with your inner writer,painter,blogger, gamer, photographer, or just anything that makes you happy you should do it. No matter how busy you get in life you should never forget about the little things that bring you joy the little things that make you you. I believe that having a hobby is a blessing and we should appreciate that blessing and never take it for granted.
Read a book or watch a film
Reading a book or watching a film is something that helps me take my mind off of the stresses in my life and help me concentrate on something else while bring me joy at the same time. I would suggest to watch a happy film or read a happy book as those type always end up making me feel better in the end than when you started watching or reading the film or book. This is another thing that you can take up a notch just to make it more enjoyable for you. First off would be to put on some comfortable PJs or clothing, I would definitely say that I prefer to be in my pjs when kicking back and relaxing. Another thing you could do if it’s winter to get wrapped up in a nice fluffy blanket, or if it’s summer to crack open the window and turn on the fan, just so you be more comfortable while watching a film or reading your book. Next to go grab a drink of your choice, this could also change depending on the weather, my choice of drink for the winter would be a hot chocolate whereas in summer it would be tropical juice or maybe even a smoothie. Saving the best till last, food. Go grab your favourite snack and sit back and enjoy.
Get outside
Getting outside is something that really helps me to feel refresh, as being cooped up in the house can just make me feel overstressed and stuck. Whether you’re going for a walk or to sit outdoors at a cafe whatever it is I strongly advise, as spending time on you outdoors is something that can really help your mind. You could also make this better and more enjoyable for yourself by including someone else in your outdoor time, even if you have a child or pet it can be a wonderful way to bond with them.
Spending time with loved ones
Spending time with loved ones is something that we should all do but when your life gets busy it’s something that is easily pushed aside. After being to visit somebody that I love and haven’t seen in a long time I just feel so much more happier and like I got a lot off my chest, as talking to them about your problems and stress could help, a problem shared is a problem halved, also they may have great advice. There is nothing saying that you just have to go and just sit and chat, although that might work for some people, you could arrange an activity for you both to do that you both enjoy, therefore not only are you getting to spend time with the loved one you are also getting to spend time doing something that enjoy.
These are just some things that I enjoy to do to help me become less stress and just show myself I love myself. I’m not saying that these will work for everyone I am just simply giving you ideas. I hope that you do take something from this weather it’s a couple of ideas or inspiration to spend time on you. thank you for reading and if you do have any ideas of your own please don’t hesitate as I would be happy to hear them.

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