Friday, 19 February 2016

Heaven on my feet for just £10.

I recently made a trip to Primark, one of my favourite shops, and purchased a few new things, one of which was some black and white trainers for just £10 and they was that amazing I just had to tell you about them.
Since purchasing these trainers I haven't worn anything else but them when I have to go out. They are so comfortable it feels like I am going out in slippers. The material of the trainers let your toes move freely instead of squishing them together like some of the shoes have done in the past. The soul of the trainers are thick enough so you can not feel anything on the ground that you walk on but not harsh enough to hurt the soul of your feet. These are definitely a favourite of mine and a must have for me. As much as I love my Converse they will definitely be taking over them as my go to shoes. I think that they are the perfect trainer if that is for every day use or working out as they let your feet move freely and let them breathe too. They have never caused a blister or even rubbed on my feet. The best thing they come in a range of different colours from simple to bright colours all just for £10 I will definitely be heading back down to Primark to purchase a few more of these.

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