Friday, 19 February 2016

Lips are important too!

Most people tend to forget about lip care and just put on a little lip balm now and then. I am going to tell you simple easy things you can to keep your lips looking soft and feeling smooth.

First thing is just a simple one. Drink water! I can’t stress this enough there are so many benefits of drinking water from lips, to skin, to hair, and all these other beauty and general health things the list just goes on. Just try it drink 2 liters of water every day and you’ll notice the different.
Next, in the morning and at night after brushing your teeth run your bush under warm water then brush your lips gently with the we tooth brush. This helps exfoliate the dead skin away from your lips making the soft and flake free.  It also stimulates blood circulation.
Another thing you can do at night is right before you go to bed put some Vaseline or petroleum jelly on them and then your lips can absorb the moisture over night leaving them soft and smooth in the morning ready to tackle the day.

The last thing is a homemade lip scrub and you only need two ingredients:
·         coconut oil
·         Sugar

Mix a little of the two ingredients together then with your finger apply in to your lips and rub gently in circular motions , do this for a minute or so then leave it for a couple of seconds for your lips to absorb  then simply just wash off with lukewarm water. Doing this leaves your lips exfoliated and moisturized ,do this about twice a week or even ones a week. This scrub is also good for you hands, nails and cuticles so give that ago too

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