Friday, 19 February 2016

I love green tea

I've heard so many good things about green tea that I just had to try it out and see if what they was saying was true. I have been drinking green tea for about two months give or take a little and like many people I have see maybe benefits from it.

The first way it helped me is with my nails. now my nails have never really been that strong and they break easy so I can never really grow them that long. since drinking green tea I have notice that they have become much stronger and are in a much better way and this makes it so I can grow them as long as I like.

Also I have notice a change in my hair. My hair is pretty damaged from all the dye and heat products but since drinking green tea I have notice it has more of a shine to it than before. 

The next thing to benefit from it was my weight. Now this is the main one that people hear about and the reason most people start to drinking it. Green tea is not magical it can not make you drop dress sizes eating healthy and exercises is what does that. It may not make you drop dress sizes but it does help with your weight as long as you are also willing to but the effort in too.

The thing that I think has benefited most from it is my skin. The first thing being my spots. I always was lucky with spots I never really use to get them, however there was a few times I did but since drinking green tea the few times I did get them got even less and they was not as noticeable as they where before, also they seemed to clear up faster. The next thing was dry skin. I have always had an issue  with dry skin and getting dry patches on my face specially around my eyes but since drinking green tea I can safely say that my dry patches have cleared up and I have not had them since.

I am not saying that green tea will do all of this for you I am just simply telling you what it did for me. I think its worth the try and if you don't benefit from in then you lose nothing you may even gain a new Favourite drink. I hope you do decided to try it out that you will like it as much as me and see many benefits. If you do decide to give it ago let me know if and how it works for you.

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