Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Dear anxiety (contains swearing)

Please let me breath and stop asking me so many questions that's all I ask I am sick of it I am sick of you. Yes I did turn the cooker off yes I did turn my straighteners off, yes anxiety I am sure, stop it anxiety I am sure, ok anxiety I will go home and check. No anxiety they aren't laughing at us, stop it anxiety they can laugh without it being at us, ok anxiety maybe they are laughing at us lets head to the toilet and have a panic attack. No anxiety your family and friends do care and love you, no anxiety you don't need to ask them, ok I will ask them. No anxiety... you know what anxiety fuck you! I am sick of sitting back and letting you control my life acting as if you're my friend keeping me safe from getting hurt when all you have done is hurt me you're a bitch anxiety and I am done letting you take over my life I am not gonna sit back anymore I am gonna fight. No anxiety I will not answer or even entertain your pointless questions, don't you even ask me again! Whats wrong anxiety you scared of doing that? well unlucky we are doing it weather you like it or not! It's time now it's time I start fighting back and you should be scared because I know after the many years of dealing with you I am strong and I will win, I know it won't be easy but I also know I won't give up so get ready because I am ready to win this war and I know I will as one day you will run off like the coward you are and I will be left stronger that ever. I would like to thank you also, for putting me threw hard times and giving me a chance to grow. One day I WILL be a lot stronger and I will have you to thank for all of it in fact I already feel a lot stronger. Pay back is a bitch anxiety!!

Yours no longer faithfully the girl who ready and sick of your shit.

P.s My straighteners are off I just checked.


  1. I'm with you girl!! Fuck anxiety we gotta live stronger than ever

  2. Aw this is very inspiring! I've had a terrible time with anxiety too and it can be so paralysing, to the point where I couldn't let my mum go out of my sight, even in another room, or I couldn't have a shower or bath or go down the stairs alone. It can be completely devastating and society often doesn't recognise the full extent of what it can do. Good for you for speaking out and having the courage to share it and tell it where to go! :D xx

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