Thursday, 17 March 2016

Face brush saved my skin.

My skin as always been so dry and no matter what I did nothing would work to make it better my foundation would cling to all the dry patches on my face and as you can imagine that didn't look good. I was desperate I would have tried anything to help my skin and that is when I came across a face brush I thought why not try it everyone seems to rave about it so I ordered it. I am not going to lie I didn't really hold much hope for it with everything else I tried failing but after the first time I used it I fell in love with it. My skin felt so much smoother and look so much heather. I have been using it for a bit now and I am a bit lazy with skin care so I don't use daily but my skin is so better for it and my foundation looks so much more flawless. It wasn't just dry patches it help I noticed a difference in the breakouts they go less and less my oily T zone got so much better and my skin just look and felt amazing. One of the best thing is its not just for your face you can use it for your whole body even your feet to get everything feeling soft and smooth. Some of these brushes can be expensive but they don't have to be I got mine for 5.99 of amazon that is a barging!!! 
my skin looks so much better.

Its something I will never be with out now and the thing I head to when my skin needs a little TLC.


  1. I literally felt like I was reading my own skin diary. My skin was like that too, quite dry and foundation just didn't seem to help because it would just make those dry patches show so much. It feels better now, but i'm always on the look out for something new which could help my skin and this looks amazing! Thank you for sharing :)

    Angie xx
    Silk and Sapphire

  2. I use the same brush! but my skin is the opposite, it's very oily haha.
    awesome product! (:

    Life in Pastel

  3. I never used brushes like this! Do you want to be friends with me on bloglovin? If yes, just follow me and I'll follow your blog back ASAP!<3