Thursday, 24 March 2016

Garnier micellar water review.

My skin specially my eyes are very very sensitive everything I use will make them red raw, sting, and all dried up and puffy by the next morning. In my search for something that didn't make me look like I hadn't slept in days I came across this beautiful little thing and just thought I would give it ago seen as I have everything else out there. After the first time I used this I was amazed it did not leave my eyes red raw or left them stinging it just simply took my make up off quite easily may I add, I have never had anything that takes my make up of so easy in fact, another amazing thing I woke up the next morning and my eyes felt soft and look better than before I was truly amazed. It's safe to say this will becoming my everyday makeup remover and as soon as I run out I will be heading straight out to buy some new one. For me this is a cannot live with out product. If you decide to try it out please let me know how it works out for you and I hope you get on with it just as well as I do.


  1. I really love this makeup remover as well. It's brilliant at taking my makeup off but the only downside to it is that it makes eyes sore and puffy if I use it to take off my mascara. Love your blog x

  2. I have heard a lot of it! I usually use Bioderma's one, you should try it too